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Posted on: November 7, 2012 || with 42 notes
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Before kids today got addicted to Spongebob, Phineas & Ferb, Dora the Explorer, and Ben 10, us 90s kids spent the mornings in front of the TV watching the most popular tagalized cartoons during our time. Shows that imparted lessons and trademarks like no other. Most of these cartoons were adapted from anime series, novels and were translated into different languages. The onslaught of these cartoons left a place in my heart when I was a kid. 

To the kids not my age, here’s a list of great shows you missed:

The intro to this shows leaves me LSS every time I watch it. I love how Madeline and her friends gather and go to different adventures every episode.
This talented boy with a flute made me want to play with him back when I was a kid.
I love Remi’s animal friends. This dramatic series is one of those to be never forgotten.
Of course, she’s everybody’s favorite - Princess Sara. Who would forget Erminguard, Becky and Ms. Minchin? This was even remade by astounding actors and actresses in the Filipino industry. Camille Prats played Sara’s role, Angelica Panganiban as Becky and Ms. Jean Garcia as the terrible Ms. Minchin. Everytime I see this movie on TV, I always take time to watch it.
I remember watching this with my brother. And I also remember having a great crush on Eugene. I used to collect playing cards with them on the picture because all of them were boys and I was amazed by how they got ther superpowers.
I love Inuyasha’s humor and how he showed his friendship and love for Kagome. I always wait for the part where he unleashes his “animal” side.
Every little girl who watches this would always want to be them. I for once, asked my mom before to buy me dolls and costumes like them. Their wands were the best part. I wait for the part where they close their eyes and they will change to their superhero side.
No one will get tired of this. Wendy, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan is a never miss out in your childhood.

Of course, I can still to the opening song until now. Judy Abbott is just the girl to be. I love her so much. Her bubbly and optimistic personality never failed any avid watcher smiling after watching this show.

Yes, I feel old. But these shows still reminds me of my childhood. I found myself reminiscing these shows. I hope kids nowadays could still watch these cause for sure they’ve missed a lot of childhood in there. Now kids woke up in a world of Xboxes, PSPs and computers. They never get to see these cartoons anymore and I just pity them for that. The lessons and morals we’ve learned form these cartoons greatly contribute to the person we (90s kids) are today :)

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