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Posted on: November 3, 2012 || with 68 notes
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"Date a girl who reads because you deserve it. You deserve a girl who can give you the most colorful life imaginable."

I’ve been a bookreader myself. I will share to you some less known facts when I read a book and something book related. Haha. You get the point!

  • When I buy a book, I write the date on the first page, sign it and write a note saying: “Please do not fold pages. Thanks.” (In case people borrow.)
  • I cover my books with plastic.
  • Before starting on reading the book, I go to the last chapter of the book and read the last paragraph.
  • When reading, I measure how thick each chapter is and I don’t stop reading until I finish the whole chapter.
  • I have my phone dictionary on for words I don’t understand.
  • I have post its on my books, for future references and quotable quotes:)


  • I easily get attracted to blogs whose bloggers are fond of books.
  • I have been the top library borrower in all my grade school years.
  • I dream of having a library someday.
  • I love reading by myself alone at a nearby coffee shop.
  • I have cried over 2 books only. Those were: The Last Song & Safe Haven both by Nicholas Sparks.
  • If a movie is a book adaption, I don’t watch the move first until I’ve read the book.
  • I love the smell of an old book’s yellow pages.

Yay. So that would be it. Hoping I can find some facts about bookreaders out there too:)

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