Happy Three Friends
August 21, 2014 | Felicia’s Cafe

Meet my colleagues at work, Sophie (the one wearing blue) and Mariz (the one wearing grey). So many plans that had been set aside because of the busy schedule but sure enough, we found the perfect time to meet and catch up. Mariz had resigned from the company for 5 months now so we had a lot of catching up to do. We had lunch at a local resto and finally fished some dessert at Felicia’s. Of course, I had a combo of their Strawberry Shortcake and Frozen Cappuccino which was good. Spent the holiday with good company and long missed friends! How was your holiday?

To the Guy Who Will Always Be a Part of Me

I. Thank you for the effort of making me laugh and smile. I appreciate everything no matter how ridiculous it could get.

II. You are my constant reminder of beauty and personality. It must be tough to go unnoticed and rejected, but you pushed anyway. Without you, there’s no one to remind me how beautiful I am inside and out.

III. Inconsistency - it’s one of your shortcomings. I hope that the next time you will fall in love with a woman, you finally have the courage to pursue her. For now, I know you are still dubious. When the right time comes for you, I know you will be primed for it.

IV. I found a good friend in you. You were there when I decided to be stubborn, and you didn’t judge that. You knew my dreams and my fears. And you were the one to encourage me to go out and pursue them. You may not listen all the time, but I know I could trust you.

V. I love you. Maybe not in the way you wanted it to be, but I do. It’s rare to find real people in this world of pretensions and hoax. I hope you will never forget me nor the friendship we had. I will be forever thankful.

If I just will myself to ponder on life’s negativity, I would have been greatly consumed by now. But life, as I knew it, has taught me countless reasons to fight and to never give up. Changing my outlook in life from pessimism to optimism was drastic. Mind you, that change wasn’t done overnight. In fact, I’m still in the process of fully attaining that change. I learned that happiness comes from within, and anything that makes me happy, shall be recognized.

  • Waking up to the caress of your mom to you
  • Buying a little something for the family
  • The thought that people will miss you when you finally leave
  • Trying out a new coffee place near your workplace
  • Answering an interview confidently
  • Never giving up after many failed attempts
  • Working productively on your overtime hours
  • Sharing your struggles to people and learning from it
  • Finally paying that airfare you saved up for a trip
  • Eating yellow pancakes after a very long time
  • Looking good in a gown
  • Learning both sides of a story 
  • Crossing out the days that remain before you finally have that rest you’ve always wanted

Life Lessons Vol. 1

1. There are people who continually cares for me. I learned how to value and know their worth because one day I’m gonna have to leave them. And while I’m still able to show them my love and affection, I’m gonna have to do that.

2. I have failed so many times. Before, I used to whine and sulk myself in insecurities. But eventually, the failures made me one tough bitch. I learned to fight and stand up. I learned to accept that things will not always go my way. At some point, I know I would always have to fail. And that doesn’t mean that I’m weak. It only means how strong I am if I was able to go on with life.

3. I learned that forgiveness isn’t easy especially when that person hasn’t proven himself at all. Sincerity comes from the heart. If that person wants my forgiveness, he should earn it. He should work for it.

4. Knowing the people to trust is one key factor to survive life. It’s a skill everyone should master. I used to trust anyone who shows their “clean” side on me. I used to see the good in everyone. But life slapped and hit me with reality - that here are demons in this world. Know how to fight them.

5. Despite the time, their are friends who never lost touch. You may not have seen them for months, you may not have connected with them for so long, and you might have felt that gap, but whenever you see each other after a very long time, the wall just crush and it seems like nothing happened. Cherish those kind of friendships.

Give thanks

Oftentimes, we confine our minds to the things we don’t have. We are too engrossed in chasing those material and immaterial possessions. And in the process of doing so, we reach a point where we get too insecure with ourselves and up to its extremity, we tend to self-pity. Though it’s a reality one must face, it is not healthy. There will be negative outcomes resulting from this kind of attitude.

Instead of this, why don’t we put on a more vibrant aura? Seal a happy face and a pleasant smile. I learned that dealing with negativity is way too much stress. And I am too blessed to be stressed. God gave me so much that other people were deprived of. That alone is enough to be thankful for. If you look closely, there’s just so much to give thanks.  

The Selection, Kiera Cass
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

I really enjoyed this book. I was always looking forward to what would Maxon’s grand gesture be towards America. I can’t seem to put it down at the thought that America is torn between two lovers and I thought by the end of this book she would finally let one go. As of this moment, I can’t seem to put my whole heart to America-Maxon loveteam. Part of me still believe that there’s still a chance for Aspen to come in the picture. I’m always a fan of first loves and I believe that what Aspen and America had was pure and true.

The Elite, Kiera Cass
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Sorry but I never liked this book (among the three that is) because of the turnout of events. First, I hated how indecisive America got to be. Maxon then Aspen then back at Maxon then Aspen. She can’t seem to get it together. I think she’s so afraid that she might lose them both that’s why she’s not choosing and not letting any of them go. I felt a pang of hurt when I realized that she only considers Aspen as second choice. As you can see, I’m up for Team Aspen on book one. Second, I hated how Maxon still entertains girls like Kriss and Celeste when he knows for sure that he liked America. Grrr. Lastly, I hated how Aspen can be so helpless. Serving his master and chasing the love of his life is not an easy load. But I loved what happened in the safe room during the rebel attacks! *wink*

The One, Kiera Cass
Rating: ★ ★ ★ 

Yes, perfect ending. I’m really sorry for how it ended with Aspen though. The twists and turns about the Elite who’s a rebel and America’s father being a part of the Northerners, Aspen together with a maid, Celeste tragic ending - it’s all CRAZY but I loved it. Especially the first “I love you” being told. It’s all so surreal. I finally understood Maxon. He didn’t want to put America in the position where he’s just being pressured with everything that’s going on around them. He gave her time. He wanted to be sure of her feelings. I finally knew the rationale behind not letting some of the Elite go when he himself knew that his feelings for America were true. The marriage was the best part though, being friends with your first love is a big deal. And loved how their characters consumed me.

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Hello July! Second half of the year, here we go!!

Hello July! Second half of the year, here we go!!